Thursday, October 1, 2009

Elegante tile pattern - versatile and beautiful

You were introduced to GG200218 Elegante mural in a previous post. This is one of our favorite designs, but it has often been overlooked and definitely under-appreciated.  This is completely our fault.  We'll admit it.  We gave it one little picture on page 65 of our catalog and neglected to show all of its potential and versatility.

It is a simple and elegant example of how you don't have to overdo it with color or design on natural stone tiles. The colors are neutral and blend nicely into the stone. The pattern is simple with just enough intricacy to make it interesting.  The natural beauty of the stone shows through - with its inherent variations in texture and shading, it greatly enhances the overall look.

The Elegante tile design is also quite versatile.  Below are some examples of the different ways you can use this design.  Click on any of the pictures to get a larger view.

The original tile mural looks like this:
Elegante tile design mural on 4x4 tumbled durango stone
8" x 20" on 4x4 Tumbled Durango tile

Here is the same design, just slightly shorter and wider:
Elegante tile design mural on 6x6 tumbled durango stone
6" x 18" on 6x6 Tumbled Durango tile

Here is the 6x18 size installed as a repeating pattern in a powder room:

Elegante Tile design installed in a powder room

Various color options are available for the Elegante design:

Elegante tile design color optons - verde, black, sepia

These accent tiles are a great complement to the Elegante design:

Elegante tile design accent tiles

Elegante design elongated and connected so the pattern flows without any breaks:

Elegante tile design elongated pattern

And finally, a completely different look was created by taking the center portion and flipping it sideways.

Elegante tile design variation

So many options from just one pattern!  As always, let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.


Anonymous said...

IN-CREDIBLE. I am a sucker for tiles but these are just amazing. Thanks for bringing this beauty into the world.


Anonymous said...

I've been LOOKING for this tile since I saw it on a blog site weeks ago! I have finally found it!! YEA!!