Monday, October 12, 2009

Kitchen cabinets - how to choose?

dark wood kitchen cabinets with decorative stone tile backsplash

Kitchen cabinets are an absolutely vital part of any kitchen remodel or kitchen design.  We at StoneImpressions are wise enough to know when NOT to give advice.  We do not have the knowledge or expertise in this area and wouldn't dream of trying to educate you on this.  But we have found some links that are worth sharing.

You should always be the cautious consumer and keep in mind where this information is coming from.  A company that sells stock cabinets might overstate the longer lead times or ordering challenges in custom cabinetry.  A custom cabinet company might exaggerate the quality issues with stock kitchen cabinets.  No matter what information you find on the web, look closely at who is writing it and try to understand what their biases might be.

Cabinetry Comparison Guide by

Choosing Kitchen Cabinets at

Sorting through Kitchen Cabinet Choices at

Custom Kitchen Cabinets: What you need to know by The Kitchen Designer 

That last link comes from The Kitchen Designer blog which we love!  Susan Serra is a Certified Kitchen Designer who is passionate about kitchens.  Her blog is a great mix of technical and design knowledge along with tips on the latest trends and ideas in kitchen design.  She shares her real world experiences as a working designer and often features great new products as they come out.

If you follow her blog, you will start to understand the enormous value a Certified Kitchen Designer can bring to the table.  There is so much more to good kitchen design than picking out tile and appliances.  Definitely recommended reading.


Unknown said...

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Kitchen Cabinets said...

It is so true. Always look who is posting the advice. Kitchen cabinets will be in your home very a very long time and you do not want your opinion to be swayed by a company making a profit.

Keep in mind, the cabinets will be in your home for years to come. Trendy designs are nice but if you remember the avocado craze of the 70s, it can also be quite scary.

Wise consumers learned their lesson and found that sometimes going with a classic is best when it comes to long term items like cabinets. They learned the contemporary trends are best left to easily replaced accents.

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