Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Our Custom Design Process

In our last blog post, we talked all about our made-to-order process that lets you customize your tile without any added costs or lead time.  Today, we are going talk about the more extensive ways that we can customize tile for your home.  While the possibilities are basically endless when it comes to customizing, we will go over the 5 most common requests we get.

1. Color Matching: Color is a big deal when it comes to designing a space and it will make or break a room.  Even though our collections offer many different colorways, we understand that sometimes the color you want isn't always available.  Fortunately, there are many ways we can create custom colors.  We can either match a color swatch or replicate a color from a piece of carpet, tapestry, or cabinet to name a few.   

If you see a color you love that's only available from a specific collection, we can easily apply those colors to the design you want.  Custom color is also available for our murals, if you want to lighten or soften a color you see, our designers are able to do that.   
We recently collaborated with a blogger and interior designer who wanted to cover her master bath with the hexagon tile pictured above but was envisioning a different color than the gold.  After speaking with one of our designers and explaining to him what she envisioned, he sent her over a few proofs to look at and approve (shown below). 

Below is an example of how we can take a color from one of our patterns and apply them to another pattern.  A client wanted to use the Burnt Siena colorway from our Altalena pattern and apply it to our Isabella pattern.  The result was stunning.


Another thing we get asked is if we can customize a pattern from our in-stock collection, Artisan Stone Tile.  We absolutely can, that order simply becomes a StoneImpressions' order.  Below is an example of how one client requested the blues and grays from the Lena Pattern be applied to the Dana Point Pattern.  

2. Personalization: Something we love to do for our clients is personalize a mural or accent piece.  For example, we offer a wide variety of wine murals that are available to be personalized with wedding dates and family names.  A common custom request we get is to either change the date on a wine bottle to reflect a special anniversary or switch out the name of a bottle of wine with the last name.
Below is an example of the many other ways you can personalize a mural from our collections

We can even insert a client's favorite wine bottle into one of our murals

Can you spot the custom wine bottle in the French Delight Mural?

3. Customer Supplied Images and Materials: Do you have a photograph from a vacation or an old poster that you absolutely love?  We have the ability to print these images onto stone for you so that it can remain in your home forever.  We are able to use high-resolution photographs, posters, and other materials such as ribbon to create a custom tile for you.
Below is a video showing you how we took a quick sketch of a feather and printed that drawing onto stone! 

 Below is a photograph a client took on vacation and turned into a mural for their kitchen.  We also have the ability to make the final design look "aged" or "painted" 
Customer Supplied Photograph 

Final Rendering for our Client
4. Create a Custom Accent Piece or Listello: Our very creative and talented designers love coming up with new designs for you.  Sometimes a client will see a pattern they love and will want to create a corresponding subway tile or accent piece using aspects of that design.   
Below is an example of 2 custom listello's our designer created to match our Crystal Pattern:

5. Create a One-of-a-Kind Pattern: We also have the ability to add, remove, or reorganize any element of a design to create a completely new one.  
Here is an example of how a client reorganized the individual design from our Alston Lola Hexagon Tile and created one complete center design. 

The finished custom look for our client's shower niche

While our customizing capabilities are almost endless, we showed you the most common design requests we receive from clients.  For any questions on our custom process, please give us a call!  Our graphic designers will work with you to create your dream space!

Phone: (858) 274-3400

Friday, January 12, 2018

Our Made-to-Order Line

One thing that sets us apart from any other tile manufacturer in the industry is our ability to customize.  There is nothing worse than mustering up the courage to plan a home renovation and being disappointed with the final look.  Being able to choose exactly the tile you put in your home will ensure that you will be happy with your remodel.  What most companies categorize as custom work, we provide with no additional cost or lead time though our StoneImpressions' line.  

1. Stone Type: We offer different stone types at StoneImpressions.  Selecting which stone you want for your pattern or mural is incredibly important in setting the tone and style for your space.  For example, if you want to create a "modern farmhouse" look, you would want to choose a white marble.  If you're trying to transform your kitchen into a  Spanish Hacienda, you would want to choose a limestone or light travertine.  

Click here for more information on our stone types
2. Stone Size: Scale is important when considering the space your tile is being installed in.  We can easily change the scale and dimensions of our tiles and murals based on your need.  You can select from sizes 2x2, 4x4, 6x6, 8x8, 12x12, and 18x18.  Our murals are available in any dimension and can be made to fit in any space.  Below is an example of a rendering we can create for you in order to see how the size of a pattern will look. 
The "Talula Pattern" on a size 6x6
shown on a 12 sq ft wall
The "Talula" Pattern on a size 12x12
shown on a 12 sq. ft wall

3.  Color: Almost all of our patterned tiles are offered in multiple color ways.  Choosing the color of your tile will set the tone in your space.  You can decide to go bold with a bright, eye-catching color or stay neutral and let the design do the talking. 


Layout Options 

If you have an idea in mind but can't quite visualize how it's going to look, we are happy to create renderings for you.  Here are some examples below:
In the example above, a client wanted to see what our Bellamy mural would look like with very specific dimensions that would fit the area behind their kitchen stove.  One of our graphic designers created this rendering which even showed how the mural would look trimmed to fit an arched space.
For this mural, a client wanted to create their own special nautical-themed kitchen backsplash with some of our nautical accents bordering the mural.  They also wanted to re-scale the image on the mural so that it would fit a certain way onto the tiles.  Our designers created this rendering at no extra cost so the client could visualize their dream backsplash.
The rendering of the fireplace border above is a very common request we get from clients. Our designers are able to come up with layouts to fit your space whether it be stair risers, fireplace borders, floor borders, accent walls, or a kitchen backsplash.  Send us the dimensions or a photo of your project and we will send you back your one-of-a-kind rendering. 

So if you're still wondering how our made-to-order process works, we will break it down for you in five easy steps:

1. Pick your pattern or mural
2. Choose your stone type
3. Choose your stone size
4. Choose from the colors listed 
5. Wait for your made-to-order tile to be delivered!

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Our Second Video Blog is Here!

Welcome back to our second video blog! This week, we are showing you all of the classic designs that have just been added to our in-stock collection, Artisan Stone Tile!  If you love traditional patterns with hints of Portuguese, Spanish, and Moroccan influence, check out this video to learn about how our process works.

Some of our favorite new traditional looks...
Ventana Collection
Oasis Collection
To view the rest of this recently updated, in-stock collection, head to our website StoneImpressions.

The Artisan Stone Tile collection is kept in-stock and available on a few different stone stypes; a clean carrara marble, a honed calcario limestone, a tumbled perle blanc limestone, and a honed durango.

Each collection offers multiple colorways.  For any questions, call us at 858-274-3400 or email us at