Monday, September 26, 2011

Give your eyes a treat - gorgeous color abounds

If you love color, this is a fascinating video to watch.  The Printing Ink Company is located in Ontario, Canada and they manufacture ink used for professional printing.  Who knew that an industrial process that sounds so mundane and boring could actually be so visually arresting?

The person who shot this video certainly has a great eye. His name is Tate Young.

We work with color and ink every day, so we can really appreciate the careful attention and passion that goes into this company's ink making. And since we are on the subject of us (shameless self-promotion, we know),  take a look at some of the more colorful designs from our new catalog.

Chopin Mural on Carrara Tiles

Deco Dots Saybrook Vibrant (these are 1" x 1" mosaics)

Dancing Flowers design on Limestone

Marseille Design in the Caviar color scheme

Southwest style accent and listello from our Ganado Collection

Holland Pattern Tile in Blue on Botticino

What is your favorite color today?