Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A beautiful kitchen backsplash

This beautiful kitchen features tiles from our Clermont Collection.  Limestone was used for both the decorative tiles and the plain tiles throughout the backsplash.  Click on any of these pictures to see a larger version.

The backsplash area behind the stove showcases the Clermont Upright Mural.  It is a colorful pattern with an intricate design. See a more detailed photo below:

This design has a number of colors - gold, green, blue and burgundy.  However, the name we chose for this color scheme is Azul.

Here is a close up of so you can see the detail and color of this design.

The Clermont Listello runs along the entire backsplash as a border and 6" x 6" Clermont Accent tiles have been placed in a few key areas. 

These accents are shown on our Limestone tile.

Here is a list of the exact tiles uses in this kitchen:
BTN700300-A CLERMONT Listello - AZUL

Click on this link for a printable file (PDF) of the whole Clermont Collection.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Black & White Tile Designs featuring Carrara Marble

While working on today's post, we came across this incredibly delightful photo from TrappedInTimeDesigns.  (Yes, yes...another Etsy store.)  She makes custom and ready-made costumes, clothing and accessories.  LOVE the fanciful, funky, vintage style with attitude.  A great example of how you do not have to rely on color to make a bold statement.

What can be said about Black & White?  It is classic, sophisticated and will always be in style.  Our spin on Black & White uses Carrara Marble as the white base for designs that feature shades of black only.  We offer a range of looks, from intricate decorative patterns and listellos to simple nautical scenes that have the quality of scrimshaw carvings.  Take a look:

Lyon Mural framed with black granite and Carrara marble dome liners.

Serenata Pattern Tile in Iron color

From our Nautical Tile Collection - Maritime Accents on Carrara

Elegante Mural in black color.  This one comes in many colors - see more here.

Another Vintage Doorknob Design on Carrara

Peperigno Mural in the Iron color from our Wrought Iron Tile Collection

She's always dressed for the occasion. 

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

American Made Tiles

When we are telling folks about our tiles for the first time, we are often asked where they are made.  We are happy to answer that all of our tiles are manufactured in the United States of America.   The stone that we use is sourced from Italy, Mexico and the Balkans, however we purchase these raw materials from American suppliers.  Once the stone tiles arrive at our state-of-the-art facility in San Diego, California, our employees use our patented process to create the colorful, decorative tiles and murals that you see in our catalog and on our website.

We sell our tiles only through our network of authorized dealers located throughout North America. Many of these showrooms are small, local businesses who have strong roots in their own communities.  These stores are a part of your local economy. They employ your neighbors, contribute to the local tax rolls, and have a vested interest in your community.   Nobody likes to pay taxes, but wouldn't you rather have your money stay in your own backyard?  Especially in this economy, shopping locally supports your community in a very tangible way.

We are proud of the professionalism and knowledge of our dealers and so we are more than happy to refer you to one when you are looking to purchase our tiles.  You can find your local dealer by going to the Tile Showrooms page of our website.  You can also fill a form on our Request a Tile Quote page and we will have a local dealer contact you.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Orange is a Diva

If Fall has a color, it has got to be Orange. Sure, there are rusty reds, smokey browns and greens with dark intensity. But the unique presence of Orange in any color scheme cannot be overlooked. Orange is the gal in the room who stands up and demands attention. She is known for her loud and boisterous ways - screaming with unrelenting vibrancy no matter where she is found.  You love to invite her to parties, however you find yourself just a little bit relieved with she finally goes home.

But Orange can be tamed. One of our new Pattern Tiles has just the tiniest dashes of Orange. The pattern is called Harvest and Orange peeks out a little hello among the charcoal and brown of the leaves and branches surrounding it. This tile design on Limestone has a distinctly autumn feel to it.  A simple, earthy warmth that is saved from tedium by the bursts of Orange throughout.

Our Harvest Tile Pattern shows the softer, quieter side of Orange.  But is is still fun to take a peek at Orange in all her lively variations.  We did a little browsing through Etsy and came up with a few of Orange's more Diva-like moments.  Enjoy!