Thursday, August 27, 2015

Old Favorites; New Colors!

While you always have the ability to customize colors on any of our StoneImpressions designs, we love to add new ones for our favorite designs to offer even more range and possibilities! 

Take a look at just some of the new colors that are now "standard" for a few of our best-selling designs, but be sure to check our website for current color choices on all of our patterns!
Altalena Pattern 
With so many possibilities for this design, it was hard to limit ourselves to only 4 new colors! 

                                 Azul                                                     Graphite

                              Rust                                                                    Berry
 Marseille Pattern, Listellos & Corners
We are loving the new "Matte Blue" color collection in our popular Marseille line! Shown here on Thassos, the richness of this navy blue really shine through!
Cortina Pattern 
 Added to the Cortina Collection, this new "Grigio" color really adds a modern touch to this beautiful pattern.
                    Cortina Leaf Pattern - Grigio                             Cortina Vine Pattern - Grigio
Nicolo Pattern
                              Cobalt                                                       Veridian

 Soft, yet vibrant, the new "Cobalt" and "Veridian" additions to the Nicolo Collection provide the perfect accents of color to this intricate pattern.

Holland Pattern

Reviving an old favorite, the Holland Pattern, this new "Blue-Grey" color scheme features cool colors in a playful pattern. The perfect amount of charm for any kitchen!
What old favorites would you like to see revitalized with new color options?

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Pattern Tiles: A Perfect Choice for Your Fireplace

Image found on Pinterest through
       Choosing a pattern tile for a fireplace surround can be a unique way to add a bit of personal style to any home. This relatively unconventional use of a pattern allows the homeowner or designer to add an element of surprise to the centerpiece feature of a room.
Image found on Pinterest through
       Originally, pattern tiles were mostly seen in Spanish style designs on floors, walls, counters, and fireplaces. This growing trend is now spans across all genres of design; from the old world Spanish to the sleek contemporary lines of a modern style home. With the small scale of most fireplaces today, these features provide us a great opportunity to be bold with our style and add that little something extra to our homes."
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       Both StoneImpressions and Artisan Stone Tile lines offer plenty of options of patterns to achieve this look. You can see our designs at and For and up close and personal look at our product, use the showroom locator on our website to find your closest tile dealer carrying our products!

The Interlude pattern shown in Taupe on Carrara stone from StoneImpressions
       Also, check out our Pinterest board for more pictures of great pattern install fireplaces!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Series Episode III: Ellipse's Three Choices

Ellipse Collection
Ellipse Kitchen Backsplash

The Ellipse collection has a total of three color schemes: Chrome Grey as featured in the above kitchen backsplash, Noire Black, and Azure Blue. Ellipse’s embossed texture and continuum of diamond to circular shapes moves the pattern outside of each 12” x 12” tile and integrates the pattern on a larger scale. As you can see from the backsplash, Ellipse stretches from counter-top to cabinets without missing a beat.

Ellipse Collection
Ellipse Noire Black

Ellipse Noire Black is bold and glossy which creates strong definitive artwork for your home.

Ellipse Collection
Ellipse Azure Blue


Ellipse Azure Blue is a subtle matte suitable for bringing out light and soothing colors.

Ellipse comes on a large 12" x 12" Carrara stone. Come check out the Ellipse collection here or visit to see the rest of our collections.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Designworks with Drew: Creating Patterns with Custom Color

One of the greatest things about our product is that it can all be customized in nearly limitless ways! In a special new series, Drew, our go-to guy for all things custom, will discuss current or past favorite custom projects to give our readers a glimpse into his process!

On this job for Tile Market of Vero Beach, Florida, our client requested to change the colors of the Artisan Stone Tile Lena pattern using the colors seen in one of our StoneImpressions Clermont murals.

     Lena Pattern                                           Clermont Mural in Azul

The way I decided to approach this project was to take the Lena pattern and make four versions of it; one of each of the four colors that I sampled from the Clermont mural, and then I layered the different versions on top of each other.

I then applied "masks" to each of the layers so that each layer only showed the portion of each color that I wanted to be visible. This is also a helpful approach because if the client changes which areas they want colored a certain way, I simply have to reapply the masks differently, rather than redo the design.

Lastly, the client requested that some of the blank areas get filled in with some additional color, which I then added on top of the 4 layers, resulting in the finished product printed on our Durango tile:

Lena Pattern Original Color  &   Lena Pattern Custom Color

Using the same process, I recently did a similar custom color job for Mission Tile West in South Pasadena, California. This customer was interested in changing the colors of the Caprice Pattern to incorporate both gold and grey:

        Caprice Pattern in Carbon         Caprice Pattern in Custom Colors


Custom colors can be done on any of our patterns! Colors may be pulled from our designs, matched to paint chips, fabrics, etc., or custom created based on a client's needs!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Series Episode II: Duo Kitchen Backsplash

Duo Kitchen Backsplash (Nickel)
The Duo Pattern is our second example of modern patterns in the Artisan Stone Tile Carrara line. Duo’s Nickel color scheme highlights this kitchen’s simple steely and minimalist styles. The grey and pearl tones create a 3-dimensional depth on the kitchen backsplash. Duo’s diagonal shifts and the alternating colors are distinct to this pattern creating a unique feeling of movement along its surface. I particularly enjoy this backsplash because of the green and red colors that draw the eye. This example really shows off how the Nickel monochrome color pattern can bring out the other colors around your kitchen.
Duo (Glacier)
Another alternative is our Glacier Blue color scheme. Glacier Blue is named after its nearly translucent usage of blues just like a glacier. The blues nearly fade back to the natural Carrara stone as you approach the center of each diagonal line. Though it departs from the monochromatic scale of the Nickel pattern, it retains the subtlety of its colors.

Duo is offered on 6” x 12” Carrara stone.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Artisan Stone Tile Series: Evolve

To celebrate the success of the showcase at Coverings 2015, we want to give our blog followers and faithful designers some in depth knowledge on the Artisan Stone Tile Carrara line. So, for the coming weeks, we'll post about some of our favorite new designs and talk about some insight from the artist herself, Melinda Earl!
Evolve (Oyster) on Carrara

Evolve, one of our most prominent new designs in the Artisan Stone Tile Carrara Line, is shown above. The unique negative space in this design creates a pattern similar to a budding lotus flower. The calming Oyster color allows the tile to sit comfortably in the background, accentuating the features of the room, without demanding too much attention. The Carrara stone has unique natural veining across its face, giving the subtle reminder of its organic origins. The Evolve is available as a large 12" x 12" tile, which is where the design is truly able to flourish!

Monday, April 27, 2015

StoneImpressions' new tile designs featured at Coverings 2015

We exhibited at Coverings 2015 last week and it was a roaring success! 

 new tile designs displayed in our booth at Coverings tile show

Everyone loved the new tile designs and we truly enjoyed seeing our loyal dealers and putting faces to names. And it was fun to meet all the new people who were drawn to our eye-catching displays.

Our booth featured both collections from our new tile catalog and beautiful Carrara designs from our in-stock tile line Artisan Stone Tile.



 Looking forward to next year!


Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Featured: Explorer's Map Mural in College Station, Texas

One of our absolute favorite things is getting to see photos of our work installed and looking beautiful! Thank you to Gisella Miller of Gisella Miller Design for sending this photo of our Explorer's Map mural looking fantastic in her client's kitchen! Working together with MCA Systems in Tomball, Texas, the two turned a vision into a gorgeous reality!