Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Series Episode III: Ellipse's Three Choices

Ellipse Collection
Ellipse Kitchen Backsplash

The Ellipse collection has a total of three color schemes: Chrome Grey as featured in the above kitchen backsplash, Noire Black, and Azure Blue. Ellipse’s embossed texture and continuum of diamond to circular shapes moves the pattern outside of each 12” x 12” tile and integrates the pattern on a larger scale. As you can see from the backsplash, Ellipse stretches from counter-top to cabinets without missing a beat.

Ellipse Collection
Ellipse Noire Black

Ellipse Noire Black is bold and glossy which creates strong definitive artwork for your home.

Ellipse Collection
Ellipse Azure Blue


Ellipse Azure Blue is a subtle matte suitable for bringing out light and soothing colors.

Ellipse comes on a large 12" x 12" Carrara stone. Come check out the Ellipse collection here or visit ArtisanStoneTile.com to see the rest of our collections.

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