Thursday, July 2, 2015

Designworks with Drew: Creating Patterns with Custom Color

One of the greatest things about our product is that it can all be customized in nearly limitless ways! In a special new series, Drew, our go-to guy for all things custom, will discuss current or past favorite custom projects to give our readers a glimpse into his process!

On this job for Tile Market of Vero Beach, Florida, our client requested to change the colors of the Artisan Stone Tile Lena pattern using the colors seen in one of our StoneImpressions Clermont murals.

     Lena Pattern                                           Clermont Mural in Azul

The way I decided to approach this project was to take the Lena pattern and make four versions of it; one of each of the four colors that I sampled from the Clermont mural, and then I layered the different versions on top of each other.

I then applied "masks" to each of the layers so that each layer only showed the portion of each color that I wanted to be visible. This is also a helpful approach because if the client changes which areas they want colored a certain way, I simply have to reapply the masks differently, rather than redo the design.

Lastly, the client requested that some of the blank areas get filled in with some additional color, which I then added on top of the 4 layers, resulting in the finished product printed on our Durango tile:

Lena Pattern Original Color  &   Lena Pattern Custom Color

Using the same process, I recently did a similar custom color job for Mission Tile West in South Pasadena, California. This customer was interested in changing the colors of the Caprice Pattern to incorporate both gold and grey:

        Caprice Pattern in Carbon         Caprice Pattern in Custom Colors


Custom colors can be done on any of our patterns! Colors may be pulled from our designs, matched to paint chips, fabrics, etc., or custom created based on a client's needs!

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