Friday, December 27, 2013

Purge it or Loose it!

Purging, it's good for organization, effectiveness, and the soul! I'm constantly going through clothes, toys, and all around stuff. There is a reason staging is a useful tool in real-estate. People like a clean organized house! You just feel good. Now that my daughter is older she helps too! We have piles for donating, re-purposing, and rubbish. I always feel better once I eliminate the clutter that we end up glazing right over!

So here is to a Happy Holiday Purge to begin the New Year!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

{Thursday Thoughts} Sustainability is the path to our future.

Once on a fast track pace for shiny, new baubles generations left piles of wreckage with discarded possessions. The new wave of thinking has changed to reusing, re purposing, and recycling.

This new philosophy of ingenuity has produced magnificent designs from homes and buildings to art and design.
This cozy earth home was crafted and built by Simon Dale with help from his Father-In-Law.

 David Mach utilizes recycled hangers among other materials.
 Studio Swine uses salvaged plastic from the ocean to bring to life this stool.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Thursday Thoughts {Kitchen Client tile install}

Tis the season for sharing and eating. Well... at least in my house! It was this weekend when I was cooking with my daughters that I  was reminded of how much time I spend in the kitchen especially this time of year. So much of the holiday magic and feeling comes straight from the oven. We all tend to gather for warm conversation and yummy bites to sneak. Even in the smallest kitchen people find their way to congregate at the heart of the home. 
In light of the season, I thought I would share some of the beautiful installs that our clients have shared with us in hopes to infuse new ideas into the heart of your home!

Echelon Custom Homes | Featuring StoneImpressions Altalena Ochre

MCA Stone | Featuring StoneImpressions Belisima and Color Wash

Tiffany McKinzie Interior Design  | Featuring StoneImpressions Custom Mural

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Multiple Murals, Oh my!

Creating a feeling isn't always easy to achieve, but take a look at this rich dining room. The moment you walk in you are instantly projected into an old Tuscan home.

Kudos to Paula Kersten of Paula Kersten Design CID, Inc. and Virginia Tile Grand Rapids, MI. We are exhilarated by the integration of our materials to help create a magnificent space.

Thank you for sharing and inspiring! 


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

As the Tile Turns

Our Marseille Collection of tiles have been a very popular choice for kitchen backsplash designs.  


Bet you didn't know how a slight turn of a tile can give you a whole different look!

The picture above shows the layout for the Marseille Collection that you will see in our tile catalogs.  Four tiles make the pattern with the larger circles meeting in the middle.

But by laying out the same pattern tiles in a new way, you can have a single large circle in the middle and four little "quarter circles" in each corner.

But you aren't done yet!  Another turn of the tile gives you yet another look using the same Marseille Pattern tiles.  You get one larger circle in the center and two half circles on each side.  Neat, huh?

The Marseille Collection comes in a number of different colors:




Green Blue


Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Colorful Border Tiles! New additions to our fabulous Altalena Tile Collection.

The Altalena Tile Collection was inspired by the beautiful confluence of Roman and Moorish
influences found in ancient Spanish cities like Alhambra and Sevilla.  The rich color palette exudes a warmth to complement the timeless feel of the natural stone tile.
Altalena Siena Pattern Tile in a beautiful backsplash.
Photo and stunning kitchen courtesy of  Echelon Custom Homes.

We are excited to add two brand new listello designs to this tile collection.

The Altalena Bella Listello Border Tile is shown here in the Ochre Color on 3x6 Limestone. 

The Altalena Carina Listello Border Tile is shown here in the Ochre Color on 2x6 Limestone. 

The new listellos in the Altalena Tile Collection are available in these four colors.

And here is an example of the Altalena Tiles with some custom colors added.  This was a beautiful floor pattern for a New England customer.  Creating your own Custom Tile is a very simple process.  Ask your local StoneImpressions Tile Shop how to get started with a custom design.

And just one more photo of that gorgeous kitchen from Echelon Custom Homes because we are crazy about it!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Read All About It!

Thank you to San Diego Home and Garden Magazine for featuring our Altalena Collection in their April issue. On stands now! Make sure to pick up your copy and read all about it!

Our Altalena Collection is inspired by the beautiful confluence of Roman and Moorish influences found in ancient Spanish cities like Alhambra and Sevilla. Traditionally, Altalena is shown on our rustic Light Travertine. A great alternative, with a more modern feel, is to order it on our straight edged limestone, shown below. Other patterns that look beautiful on limestone are listed below as well. Please Enjoy!

 Altalena Pattern in Ochre

 Lyric Listello

Paige Pattern in Powder Blue

 Madrid Listello in Agean Blue

Nicolo Pattern in Lilac

 Charleston Banks Listello in Sky

Galway Round Pattern

Madagascar Listello in Sapphire

Elemental Simple Pattern in Taupe

 Heirloom Pattern in Blue

Interlude Pattern in Taupe 

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Spring is in the Air!

Spring is upon us! For most people this means rising temperatures, but for those who are still stuck in the icy weather StoneImpressions is here to help! We have gathered some eye candy full of patterns and colors that we hope will transport you to a far away place of swaying palm trees, cascading waterfalls, and silky sands. Please enjoy our selections and we hope by the end of this post that you are able to feel the sea breeze on your face and the sand between your toes.

Madrid Listello in Agean Blue on Carrara

Paige Pattern in Celery on Carrara

Altalena Pattern in Ochre on Light Travertine

Colina Listello in Pewter on Carrara
Charleston Pattern in Powder Blue on Carrara

Colony Palm Listello on Durango

Watermark Pattern in Cypress on Carrara

Madagascar Listello in Sapphire on Limestone

Color Wash Silhouette Pendant in Sun on Limestone

Sonnet Listello on Carrara

Zelli Accent in Natural on Bianco

Monday, February 11, 2013

Handle with Care

At StoneImpressions, we take pride in our slogan 'On Any Stone and In Any Size'. Along with being able to manufacture a product that is any size, we must be able to package it as well. And with the knowledge of our trusted team, we can do just that!

Once our product is manufactured, the packing process begins. It all starts with shrink wrapping, which keeps every tile in its place.

It is then wrapped up with our foam cushioning and bubble wrap.

Being conscientious of our carbon foot print, we try to use as many recycled materials as possible. To accomplish this, we have created eco-friendly habits. We gather pallets and boxes from neighboring businesses. We shred scrap paper and post-consumer cardboard to use as packing material.

To custom fit each box to each order, we cut boxes down to fit the size of the material. If we have any extra cardboard left after cutting down the box, we use those spare pieces to wrap tiles or fill.

Once everything is nice and snug in the box, each package is taped up securely.

For larger orders, boxes are packaged in a crate or on a pallet. On occasion, we have to be inventive and figure out ways to package odd shaped orders.

Like these 3x52, 2x52, and 1x12 Charleston Banks Listellos.

To ensure that each order is handled with care, a fragile sticker goes on each package.

 As a company we are proud to say that our product is made in America! To show off this pride, each package also receives a Made in USA sticker.

 Not only do we pay painstaking attention to detail in our manufacturing process, but we pay close attention to detail in the packing process.  This is because packing is a critical step that shouldn't be overlooked.  Thank you StoneImpressions warehouse crew for handling our product with care!