Tuesday, August 20, 2013

As the Tile Turns

Our Marseille Collection of tiles have been a very popular choice for kitchen backsplash designs.  


Bet you didn't know how a slight turn of a tile can give you a whole different look!

The picture above shows the layout for the Marseille Collection that you will see in our tile catalogs.  Four tiles make the pattern with the larger circles meeting in the middle.

But by laying out the same pattern tiles in a new way, you can have a single large circle in the middle and four little "quarter circles" in each corner.

But you aren't done yet!  Another turn of the tile gives you yet another look using the same Marseille Pattern tiles.  You get one larger circle in the center and two half circles on each side.  Neat, huh?

The Marseille Collection comes in a number of different colors:




Green Blue


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