Monday, January 24, 2011

Brrrrr....Baby, it's COLD outside

Here in San Diego we have great sympathy for those of you in other parts of the country  who have been dealing with bitterly cold temperatures and seemingly endless snow storms recently.   We admit that we are wimps.  We start to get chilly when it dips below 60 degrees. "Grab the wool undies, Martha!  It's going to drop to 54 degrees today!"

So we thought we would send good warming thoughts your way with an Ideabook from Houzz featuring cozy winter fireplaces.  You will notice that fireplaces are not limited to living room areas.  You will see them tucked away in the bath next to spa tubs, nestled in kitchen corners or warming up master bedrooms.  If  I could build my dream house, I would want a fireplace in just about every room.  How about you?

Use the tiny arrows below the photos to see all of the pictures in the slideshow or click on the link directly below to go to Houzz and see beautiful full size photos.

Our decorative tiles add a beautiful design element to any fireplace surround.  Since we can do custom sizes and designs, we can work with any size space that you have.

 Tiles from our Modern Collection used in a Fireplace surround.

And in case you don't know about it, you should check out the website Houzz.   We went there to create the Fireplace Ideabook.  Houzz allows you to browse through thousands of photographs of homes and rooms - both indoor and outdoor spaces.  The best part is that you can create your own Ideabooks and save all of the photos that you like.  You can even email your Ideabooks to your family, friends or professionals.  It is the digital equivalent of tearing out pictures from magazines and throwing them all in a folder.  But much, much cooler, way more organized and thankfully less expensive - it's free!  You will get addicted for sure.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Tile Collection Displays

Our Production Elves have been puttering around in the sample and display area recently.  They have started to put together potential new display boards.  Compact in size at 9" x 13" and simple in design.  The boards are black and lightweight, so easy to carry around to hold next to other elements you are considering for your room design.  Some examples below:

Marseille in the Truffle color

Listellos from our Wrought Iron Collection

We haven't finalized any display boards, but we love how they are looking so far.  And the Elves just won't stop talking about them, so we had to throw some pictures up on the blog.  Now maybe they'll pipe down and get back to work!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Prodigal Stone Returns

Once upon a time,
Botticino was a bad, bad boy.
But he has cleaned himself up and come back into our lives.  He promises that it will be different this time.

And let's face it - we are superficial and our love is conditional.
We only want him back because he's beautiful.  Classic tumbled edges with a smooth, creamy surface always makes us swoon.

Botticino is now officially back as one
of the stone types that we regularly offer. 

Sizes that we stock are:
Other sizes are possible. Call us with any special requests.

Click below for single sheet showing all the stone types
that we carry:
And you can find the same information with pictures
on the Materials page of our website: