Friday, January 12, 2018

Our Made-to-Order Line

One thing that sets us apart from any other tile manufacturer in the industry is our ability to customize.  There is nothing worse than mustering up the courage to plan a home renovation and being disappointed with the final look.  Being able to choose exactly the tile you put in your home will ensure that you will be happy with your remodel.  What most companies categorize as custom work, we provide with no additional cost or lead time though our StoneImpressions' line.  

1. Stone Type: We offer different stone types at StoneImpressions.  Selecting which stone you want for your pattern or mural is incredibly important in setting the tone and style for your space.  For example, if you want to create a "modern farmhouse" look, you would want to choose a white marble.  If you're trying to transform your kitchen into a  Spanish Hacienda, you would want to choose a limestone or light travertine.  

Click here for more information on our stone types
2. Stone Size: Scale is important when considering the space your tile is being installed in.  We can easily change the scale and dimensions of our tiles and murals based on your need.  You can select from sizes 2x2, 4x4, 6x6, 8x8, 12x12, and 18x18.  Our murals are available in any dimension and can be made to fit in any space.  Below is an example of a rendering we can create for you in order to see how the size of a pattern will look. 
The "Talula Pattern" on a size 6x6
shown on a 12 sq ft wall
The "Talula" Pattern on a size 12x12
shown on a 12 sq. ft wall

3.  Color: Almost all of our patterned tiles are offered in multiple color ways.  Choosing the color of your tile will set the tone in your space.  You can decide to go bold with a bright, eye-catching color or stay neutral and let the design do the talking. 


Layout Options 

If you have an idea in mind but can't quite visualize how it's going to look, we are happy to create renderings for you.  Here are some examples below:
In the example above, a client wanted to see what our Bellamy mural would look like with very specific dimensions that would fit the area behind their kitchen stove.  One of our graphic designers created this rendering which even showed how the mural would look trimmed to fit an arched space.
For this mural, a client wanted to create their own special nautical-themed kitchen backsplash with some of our nautical accents bordering the mural.  They also wanted to re-scale the image on the mural so that it would fit a certain way onto the tiles.  Our designers created this rendering at no extra cost so the client could visualize their dream backsplash.
The rendering of the fireplace border above is a very common request we get from clients. Our designers are able to come up with layouts to fit your space whether it be stair risers, fireplace borders, floor borders, accent walls, or a kitchen backsplash.  Send us the dimensions or a photo of your project and we will send you back your one-of-a-kind rendering. 

So if you're still wondering how our made-to-order process works, we will break it down for you in five easy steps:

1. Pick your pattern or mural
2. Choose your stone type
3. Choose your stone size
4. Choose from the colors listed 
5. Wait for your made-to-order tile to be delivered!

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Our Second Video Blog is Here!

Welcome back to our second video blog! This week, we are showing you all of the classic designs that have just been added to our in-stock collection, Artisan Stone Tile!  If you love traditional patterns with hints of Portuguese, Spanish, and Moroccan influence, check out this video to learn about how our process works.

Some of our favorite new traditional looks...
Ventana Collection
Oasis Collection
To view the rest of this recently updated, in-stock collection, head to our website StoneImpressions.

The Artisan Stone Tile collection is kept in-stock and available on a few different stone stypes; a clean carrara marble, a honed calcario limestone, a tumbled perle blanc limestone, and a honed durango.

Each collection offers multiple colorways.  For any questions, call us at 858-274-3400 or email us at

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Top Installs from 2017

To celebrate the end of a very exciting year, we decided to put together a list of our favorite installs from 2017.  We will cut right to the chase, because they say a picture is worth a thousand words.

1. Beauty by the Bay- Churchill Design; Orange County, CA 

    Featuring our Paige pattern on Carrara
    Photography: Tosti Studios

2. A Bright White Kitchen Makeover- Blackband Design; Orange County, CA

Featuring our Sanza pattern on Carrara

3.When Classis and Modern Design Meet- AMD Interiors; Columbus, OH

4. A White Kitchen with a Touch of Color-Tami Faulkner Design; Butte County, CA

Featuring our Cortina Pattern and Labyrinth Pattern on Carrara
Photography: This Sojourn Life

5. Go Bold or Go Home-Yata Remodeling; Laurel, MD

Featuring our Alston Aliso Pattern on Carrara

6. Powder Room Details-Fuchsia Interior Design; Grand Rapids, MI
Featuring our Lena Pattern on Carrara

7. Marble Master Bath- Jennifer Welch Designs; Oklahoma City, OK
Featuring our Alto Pattern on Carrara
Photography: Carli Wentworth

8. The Bathroom that Could do no Wrong- Etch Design Group; Austin, TX

Featuring our Hayden Pattern on Carrara
Photography: Mia Baxter Smail

9. The Perfect Entrance- Jacquelyn Clark; Toronto, Canada
Featuring our Lotus Pattern on Carrara
Photography: Heidi Lau

10. The Contemporary Kitchen-Brianna Michelle Design; Winter Park, FL

Featuring our Evolve Pattern on Carrara
Photography: Stephen Allen

11. Geometric Master Bath-Simply Grove Interior Design; Boise, ID

Featuring our Alston Tribeca Pattern on Carrara Hexagon Tile
Photography: Allison Corona

12. Powdery Blue Master Bath-Berk Custom Homes; Orange County, CA

For more designs and installs, head to our new and improved website, StoneImpressions!

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

How to Create Custom Coasters in 3 Easy Steps

Do you have a friend or family member that absolutely loves thoughtful and personalized gifts?  If you do, we have the perfect gift idea for you that is affordable and very unique!  Even though our tiles are mostly used as kitchen backsplashes, we found another use for these patterned beauties...custom coasters!  And the best part?  It's a simple process that we have broken down into three easy steps.

Step One
Choose which stone type you want to use!  We offer 8 different stone types ranging from a straight-edge Carrara to a tumbled natural stone.  Today, we are going to choose a clean thassos!
Click here to see all stone options
Step Two
Almost done!  Now for the fun part...choosing a design for your coasters.  Becuase we have so many designs to choose from, we encourage you to mix and match different patterns.  We also have a few accent collections which feature themed tiles.  Today we are going to choose 4 accent pieces from our Nautical Collection.  

For more accent tiles, click HERE

Step Three
Give us your order and simply wait for your custom coasters to be shipped to you.  All you have to do is wrap up your thoughtful gift!

We picked out 5 more of our favorite designs from our StoneImpressions' line that we think make beautiful looking coasters:
Aurum Pattern

Barclay Pattern

Cambridge Pattern

Insight Pattern
Lancaster Pattern
**We are offering this custom coaster special at $40 plus shipping for a package of 4 coasters, with corkscrew bottoms included on each tile.  This offer is extended to all who is interested, so please email if you wish to get the process started!**

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Holiday Gift Ideas from Small Businesses

Last holiday season, we gave you some last minute holiday gift ideas from one of our favorite design stores, West Elm.  And while we love every single thing that comes out of that store, this year we want to support small businesses, artisans and local shops around the country.  So this year's gift guide will be filled with unique and one-of-kind finds to help support other small businesses like ourselves.
  1. Simply Grove Shop If you don't remember, we were lucky enough to collaborate with interior designer and blogger, Kristen Grove of Simply Grove on her master bath renovation last year.  Well this summer she opened up a curated shop in Boise, ID that is filled with home accessories perfect for the design-lover and also affordable!  Here are our top picks from her shop:
White Tea Candle ($24.00)
      Aragon Marble Board ($47.00)

Click HERE to browse her entire online shop!
 2.  31 Bits We're not sure what we're more in love with, the goods from 31 Bits, or their mission!  The 3 Orange County founders have made it their mission to provide fair and sustainable wages to their skilled Artisans who create their lovely collection of design goods and jewelry.   Here are some of our favorites:
Wood Serving Spoons ($48.00)

Click HERE to shop their whole collection
3. Design 4 Corners  The sisters at the design firm, Design 4 Corners, recently opened up their own shop in the quaint town of Carlsbad in San Diego, CA and sell a variety of home goods handcrafted by Artisans from the South East Asian archipelago.  Here are some of our favorites: 
Large Blush Dipped Wood Bowls ($76.95)

Cream and Turquoise Candle Sticks ($78.95 set of 2)

Click HERE to shop their entire collection 

  4. Tramake These funky coasters and trivets are the perfect gift for someone who loves one-of-a-kind home accessories.  Based in Chicago, local artisan Faith Veenstra makes these modern works of art by hand and in small batches.  These gifts are perfect for anyone who loves home accessories and aren't afraid of a little pattern!
"Terrazzo" Absorbent Stone Coaster (set of 4/$30.00)
"Shapes" Absorbent Stone Trivet ($24.00)

5. Benjamin June Ceramics  We are honestly obsessed with everything that Benjamin June produces.  This Portland local produces ceramic flask set that features various patterns and colors.  Gift one of his hand-made flasks sets to someone who appreciates modern design and a well-designed home bar. 
Mountain Flask Set ($95.00)

Click HERE to shop his entire collection

6. ANITAKOorganics  Do you have a friend or family member that loves small batch organic bath and beauty products?  Look no further than Anitako Organics, a Canadian beauty line that uses sustainable and safe ingredients for you and your baby.  These gifts are appealing to the eye and safe for the skin.  The best part is they are affordable and will make thoughtful gifts!
SILK Organic Face Cream Moisturizer ($25.00)
Hydrating 3-in-1 Facial Cleansing Grains ($18.00)
Sensual Dead Sea Salt Soak ($18.00)

Click HERE to shop all her products 

This year, we hope you shop small to help support local businesses and artisans!  Not only are you giving something unique and thoughtful to a family member or friend, you are also helping grow a business.  

Make sure to check out the rest of the collections these shops have to offer!