Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Orange is a Diva

If Fall has a color, it has got to be Orange. Sure, there are rusty reds, smokey browns and greens with dark intensity. But the unique presence of Orange in any color scheme cannot be overlooked. Orange is the gal in the room who stands up and demands attention. She is known for her loud and boisterous ways - screaming with unrelenting vibrancy no matter where she is found.  You love to invite her to parties, however you find yourself just a little bit relieved with she finally goes home.

But Orange can be tamed. One of our new Pattern Tiles has just the tiniest dashes of Orange. The pattern is called Harvest and Orange peeks out a little hello among the charcoal and brown of the leaves and branches surrounding it. This tile design on Limestone has a distinctly autumn feel to it.  A simple, earthy warmth that is saved from tedium by the bursts of Orange throughout.

Our Harvest Tile Pattern shows the softer, quieter side of Orange.  But is is still fun to take a peek at Orange in all her lively variations.  We did a little browsing through Etsy and came up with a few of Orange's more Diva-like moments.  Enjoy!

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