Thursday, October 20, 2011

Black & White Tile Designs featuring Carrara Marble

While working on today's post, we came across this incredibly delightful photo from TrappedInTimeDesigns.  (Yes, yes...another Etsy store.)  She makes custom and ready-made costumes, clothing and accessories.  LOVE the fanciful, funky, vintage style with attitude.  A great example of how you do not have to rely on color to make a bold statement.

What can be said about Black & White?  It is classic, sophisticated and will always be in style.  Our spin on Black & White uses Carrara Marble as the white base for designs that feature shades of black only.  We offer a range of looks, from intricate decorative patterns and listellos to simple nautical scenes that have the quality of scrimshaw carvings.  Take a look:

Lyon Mural framed with black granite and Carrara marble dome liners.

Serenata Pattern Tile in Iron color

From our Nautical Tile Collection - Maritime Accents on Carrara

Elegante Mural in black color.  This one comes in many colors - see more here.

Another Vintage Doorknob Design on Carrara

Peperigno Mural in the Iron color from our Wrought Iron Tile Collection

She's always dressed for the occasion. 

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Stone Superstore said...

Black and white is such a classic and timeless combination. Like you mention, it will always be in fashion because it simply works so well and it can be applied to almost anything.