Thursday, October 8, 2009

Imitation is the best form of flattery...or is it?!

We should be flattered, we know.  To have someone blatantly rip off our designs shouldn't make us upset, right?  

These are our original designs, created by our talented design department.

Cynara still life mural on tumbled durango showing basket of fruit, pears, plums, artichokes
SL000414 Cynara Mural shown on 6x6 Tumbled Durango

Amarone wine mural on tumbled durango showing wine bottles, wine crates, glass of red wine, cheese, bread and purple grapes.
SL000421 Amarone Wine Mural on 6x6 Tumbled Durango

See if you can find the knock-offs on this page:

They didn't even bother to change the name on one of them!  At least they have a bit of taste - these are two of our most popular designs. 

There is definitely some soap opera drama to this.  Presenting the not-ready-for-daytime mini-drama

"As the Tile Turns!"

We were once happy together.  They bought our product and sold it to their eager customers.  It was a blissful time.

 We discovered the knock-offs of our designs on their website over a year ago.

Oh the betrayal!  One of our own customers!  How could they?  

We tried to appeal to their better nature.  We asked them very nicely to stop ripping off our designs.  They declined. 

We had to break it off entirely.  The separation was unfortunate, but necessary.  

 We moved on to other, more healthy, relationships.

Later, we hear through the grapevine that they went out of business. Karma, anyone?

And then it happens. While innocently skipping through the land of Twitter, we come upon a tweet about hand-painted murals.  We follow the link and HORRORS! 

 The same stolen designs!  A website that looks suspiciously similar to old one!  

Could it be?! 
Has an evil twin come to town?!

[Cue dramatic music - dun, dun, dunnnn!]

Will our heroine ever be free of this copycat?
Will the evil twin try to pass himself off as an upstanding citizen?

Tune in next week for the next thrilling episode of 
As the Tile Turns!

By the way, the Audrey Hepburn images used in this blog post are from the 1956 film War & Peace and the 1963 film Charade.  And more importantly, they are in the Public Domain.


Dana Barfield said...

How did you get your e-mail post links to appear on your blogposts?

StoneImpressions said...

We had a similar problem with email post links at first. This is the solution:

Reset the widget template.

1. Backup the template.
2. Go to Layout - "Edit HTML", and click on the link "Revert widget templates to default", below the HTML window.
3. If any problems or unacceptable changes in the gadgets is observed, reload the template from the backup just taken.

Good luck!

imitation watches said...

Creative idea of associating imitation to this soap opera. Nice one.