Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Elegante Kitchen Backsplash

Nadine from Dobkin Tile in Albany, NY sent us some pictures of a kitchen backsplash mural that they created using our GG200218 Elegante design.

Click on the pictures below for a larger view.

Elegante design kitchen backsplash picture showing full kitchen

 Elegante design kitchen backsplash picture close up

They used the beautiful Elegante mural 12" high by 30" wide on 6x6 Tumbled Durango and surrounded it with Cercan Light Brown Mix of Glass and Stone mosaic.  It is framed with our Durango Dome Liners and the rest of the kitchen backsplash uses our 4x4 Tumbled Durango field tile.

The Elegante design has always been one of the underappreciated gems in our collection.  We'll write more about this later.

Click here to see the Elegante mural on our website.
Click here for Dome Liner.  
Click here for Durango Field Tile.

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