Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hundreds, no THOUSANDS of choices for a custom design

You have looked at the hundreds of designs on our website.  You have flipped through our catalog.  Still can't find something you like?   Don't give up!  

We have arrangements with two prominent art licensing companies.  You can browse their websites and pick out artwork to create a custom design for your mural on our natural stone tiles.


 Rosenstiel's Publishing

Wild Wings Licensing
(password required, call us)

Both website have terrific search features that allow you to narrow down the choices and find the perfect design.  Wild Wings lets you search by Season - Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter.  Rosenstiels has an advanced search option which lets you filter by colors that you want to see in your search results.

Still Life with Chinese Vase and Flowers
by Ruud Verkerk

Found by searching for "Flowers" and the color white.

Stanley Barker and The Pytchley Hounds

Found by searching for "Horse" and the color red

Ordering a custom tile mural from us is simple:

Step 1: Find the artwork that you like and write down the name and number

Step 2: Go to your local StoneImpressions Dealer and place your order.  They can help you decide what size mural to order and what type of stone to put it on.  They can also help you pick out liners or trim pieces to frame your tile mural.

Keep in mind that we can also create a custom design from a photo that you supply to us.   You can find more information about our Custom Program here: StoneImpressions Custom Design.

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