Thursday, September 3, 2009

Design with Us #2

Once again, we give you a sneak peek into a couple of new designs that we are developing.  We'd love to hear what you think!   After looking at the pictures, give us your feedback by clicking on the Comments tag below this post.

Some of the things we would like to know:

Love it?  
You think that this design is so amazing, you are going to start demo on your house right this minute, just so you'll have an excuse to use some of our tile.

Hate it?  
You can't stand to look at it and you are going to fly to San Diego today, just so you can come into our Design Department and smash all of these tiles to pieces.

Where do you see these designs working?  
Kitchen backsplash?
Master bath?
In your jail cell, after you have come to smash our tiles?

What color choices would you like to see us offer for these designs?
We have a great deal of flexibility with color, so almost anything is possible.

And give us as much "I like this, but...." as you want.
We can take it.  (And if it gets too intense, we can always go into the back room and start smashing tiles - very cathartic on a Friday afternoon.)

Click on any picture below to get a larger view.



You will definitely want to click on these pictures to see a detailed view of the design.


Let us know what you think by clicking on the Comments tag below this post.  


Chris said...

I like Colony prototype B the best.

- Great Britain Tile

Anonymous said...

I'm more of a fan of Colony prototype A, but I've always been a "Type A" personality.

Another in our office agrees with Great Britain Tile, but she's just a temp. :-)

Anonymous said...

I love all of your work but I'm drawn to Colony B and Labyrinth B as well.


Janice Hulse