Thursday, February 1, 2018

Our Second Installation Contest Giveaway

Last year, we introduced our first ever Installation Contest Giveaway, and the images we received were incredible!  Since we had such a great response last year, we decided to reintroduce the contest until April 1st, 2018.


1. The contest will run until April 1st, 2018

2. This year, there will be 1 winner who will receive
 a $350 Visa Gift Card at the end of the contest

3. The winning installation shot will be judged on
quality of the image  
and overall design. Please only send original images
4. To be considered, please send all installations to

Photo entry in the contest grants StoneImpressions the rights to use and reproduce the submitted images. 

Here is an example from last year's contest

Photo Courtesy of Best Tile Distributors

please email with any questions

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