Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Installation Contest Giveaway!

It is finally time to announce our first ever "Giveaway!"  To show our appreciation for all of the work and creativity you put into your designs, we will be starting a 4 month long Installation Shot contest beginning January 1st!  
  • The 4 month contest begins January 1st, 2017 and will close April 30th, 2017.  
  • In order to be considered for the giveaway, please submit original images of StoneImpressions or Artisan Stone Tile installs to hilary@stoneimpressions.com.
  • Photo entry in the contest grants StoneImpressions the rights to use and reproduce the submitted images. 
  • We will also be giving away a $100 gift card to West Elm to a winner from each month, so do not wait until the end to enter! 
  • The winning installation shot will be judged on quality of the image and overall design.  At the end of the 4 months, winner receives a new

For any questions, don't hesitate to email hilary@stoneimpressions.com.  We look forward to seeing your designs!

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