Monday, April 17, 2017

What we saw at Coverings 2017

If you didn't make it to Coverings this year, we asked 3 of our designers to round up the most popular designs and styles they saw at the trade show and what they heard from other designers about upcoming tile trends.  It's no surprise that the timeless, all-white marble look is here to stay, but our designers also noticed new colors and finishes that look like they are going to be a big hit in 2017. Here is what they saw this year:

1. Large Format Tiles with a Faux Finish 

While walking through the Coverings booths, our designers said that there was a noticeable presence of large format tiles with faux finishes such as wood and porcelain.  We have been really enjoying the use of bright colors in furniture and decor, so we can see why this neutral tile trend is on the rise in homes.  
Image courtesy of MSI Stone

2. Clean Lines with Solid Colors 

The use of tiles with symmetrical and dark, solid lines is a style that our designers saw a lot of this year.  This style is perfect for a room that needs an eye-catching focal point.

Our new "Waterways" Pattern which is a part of the  Artisan Stone Tile collection

3. Gold/Metallics 

This color trend was surprising to us, but we heard from many designers that the use of gold and other metallic colors are going to be very popular this year.  
Two of our newest patterns, on top is "Morocco" and on the bottom is "Parasol"
Photo courtesy of Houzz

4.  Carved Stone, Etched Tile

Texture, texture, texture!  What we heard from designer after designer is how much they love seeing the texture in a piece of tile.  When walking around Coverings, it was also very clear to our designers that more companies are starting to create lines which feature texturized patterns and designs.  
Photo courtesy of Ann Sacks
5. Grey and White Tones

We think it's safe to say that the "all-white" look is a style that is staying put in the interior design world, and we aren't complaining.  What we heard from designers at the show is that they like seeing decorative tiles with soft grey and white tones to keep a room clean while also adding a pattern.  

Our new pattern, Sadie, from the Artisan Stone Tile collection

Photo courtesy of Spinnaker Development

We want to know what tile trends you think are going to hold up in 2017!  Our 3 designers came back from Coverings inspired and ready to create.  

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