Thursday, May 20, 2010

When size does matter

Our designers love a challenge.  Send us your odd-shaped rooms, crazy backsplash measurements or impossible looking spaces and we'll help you figure out a tile layout that will work.  You might be surprised by all of the tricks and workarounds we can come up with to modify our designs

Here is an example.  A client really loved the Marseille Red pattern.

It is shown in our catalog with the middle pattern on eight 6x6 tiles and border listellos as 3x6 tiles with 3x3 corners.   As you might already know, we can print any of our designs in any size that you want.  You can also choose any of our stone types (or send us yours.)  

This person had a particularly small space to work with - 34 inches across and 10 inches high.  Here is what we came up with:
In this modified version, the middle pattern is a single row of five 6x6 tiles.  Border listellos are 2x6 with 2x2 corner pieces.  (You can click on any of these pictures to get a better view.)

At first glance, it might be easy to miss all of the detail changes that had to be done to the design in order to fit that space.  For instance, the middle pattern is usually made up of four tiles, but in this case we had to shrink the whole pattern down to fit on a single 6x6 tile.

It normally takes two listellos in the border pattern to make up the design.  The little flower thingy is in the middle.  

But in this case there was an uneven number of listellos needed.  For the 34 inch width,  we had to use five 2x6 tiles across.  (Five 2x6's give you 30 inches and then add 2 inches on each side for the corner pieces to come up with the total of 34 inches.)

How did we solve this issue?  We created a new listello that has the flower in the center of the 2x6 tile that lines up with the regular 2x6 tiles so that the pattern continues to flow.

This allowed us to use five 2x6 listellos to border along the top and bottom, like this:

Et voila!  The same Marseille Red pattern, still balanced and flowing evenly, in a much smaller space.

We have to give credit to the designer who worked this out.  Drew is the Pattern King.  We can always rely on him to solve problems like this.  He is somehow able to see the flow of the patterns and the connections in all the chaos.  He has the attention to detail that is necessary to make sure the lines line up and and swirls keep swirling.  But he also has a good sense of design and knows when something has crossed over into "Boy, that looks stupid" territory.  

So don't be afraid to give us a call if you need help with some odd space.  There is a chance that we have already made some modifications for another client that will work for you too.  Or we can continue to throw challenges to Drew to see what he can come up with.  

Now that we've bragged about him, we are hoping it doesn't go to his head.  So send us your most difficult layout issues and let's see if we can stump him! 

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