Thursday, April 8, 2010

FAQ - Can I have that in a different size?

Q. I like one of your designs, but the size that you show is too big/small for my space?  Can I have it in a different size?

A.  Absolutely YES!  We make all of our tiles when you order them, so we can size it to fit your space and also put it on any stone you choose. 

Metal Amore design shown in a vertical orientation 
on 6x6 Durango tiles. 
This mural is 24" high x 18" wide.

The same Metal Amore design shown in a horizontal
orientation on 4x4 Durango tiles. 
This mural is 16" high x 28" wide.

We originally created the Napa Valley design as a vertical mural.
Shown here on 4x4 Durango tiles.
The size is 24" high x 16" wide.

We received so many requests for the Napa Valley wine mural 
as a horizontal, that we created that design too. 
This size is 18" high x 24" wide on 6x6 Travertine tiles.

You might be surprised by what we can do to make an image work - even if it is a significant size difference from the original design.  We have tricks to stretch and squoosh our designs in a way that keeps them from looking too distorted.  And we can always email you a picture of what the design will look like in the size that you want, so you can decide for yourself whether or not you like the change.

Another nifty trick that we have is to fit your design into odd size spaces.  The most common tile sizes that we print on are 4x4 and 6x6 inch.  So in most cases, your dimensions will be in multiples of  fours or sixes:
  • 16x24 size uses 4x4's 
  • 18x24 size uses 6x6's 
  • 12x24 size can use 4x4's or 6x6's 

But what do you do if your space is only 14 inches high and 22-13/16ths wide?  We have a solution for this.  We will still print on 4x4 tiles, but we can position the design so that it fits your odd dimensions.  Then when you install the tiles, you cut off the excess stone to fit.

This is the Cynara mural as it would usually look in a 16 high x 24 wide size.

This is the same Cynara design but resized.

In the second picture, the Cynara has been resized and positioned on the 4x4 tiles so that you can trim the tiles to fit your space.  The shaded areas show where you would cut.  You can take 1 inch off of the top and bottom to fit your 14 inch height.  And you can cut off approximately 1/2 inch from the left and right sides to fit your 22-13/16ths width.  We have positioned the design so that when you make these cuts, you do not cut off any of the image.

We do not cut the tiles for you.  That is a task that is best left to the installers when they are on the job site.  There can be small adjustments to cuts that have to be made when they actually get there and start laying out your tiles.

So, to summarize:

Different sizes available? 

Can you email me a picture showing a any size?

Can you fit my odd-sized space?

Will you cut my tiles for me?

Well, three out of four isn't bad.

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