Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Rock n Roll Sunday

We're still standing after the 7.2 earthquake that happened on Easter Sunday.  The epicenter was a couple hundred miles east of us.  Fortunately, no damage here and nobody was hurt.  Not even a single broken tile!

The experienced earthquake veterans didn't break a sweat.  Melinda, a California native, described it as "...one of those rolling ones, not the shaky-shaky kind."  Kathy thought it was "Awesome!"  Even though she's been in California for almost 17 years, it was the strongest one she's ever felt.

It is a good reminder to us all to get prepared for that big one that will inevitably happen.  Some links:

USGS - Lots of good links about preparation.

Quake Quiz - Test your knowledge - really fun animations.  When you get the wrong answer, they give you a good shake.

LA County Department of Animal Care & Control - Great tips on making preparations to keep your pets safe.

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Jennifer Hunsicker said...

Pennsylvania is glad to hear you are scratch free!