Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Getting the Most out of the Deco Dots

We may be a little biased, but we love the Saybrook Vibrant Deco Dots collection on Limestone. 

We're pretty positive that other people feel this way too because if you scroll through our Pinterest page, the Deco Dots collection is still our most popular pin and has been saved thousands of times. Without any customization, these beauties come in sets of 16 individual 1x1 tiles on Limestone that make perfect accents around your home.  

unique mosaic tiles for kitchen tile flooring natural stone tile backsplash
Photo Courtesy of StoneImpressions

What people might not know is that the design possibilities are almost endless with these tiles, and the option to customize the Deco Dots is always available. We get many calls from clients and designers asking if it is possible to use just one of the patterns in the collection or to order the patterns in different sizes and stone types- and the answer is yes! We love seeing the Deco Dots used in creative ways that we have never seen before. So if you love these classic tiles but have no idea how to use them in your space, we will give you some ideas to get your creative juices flowing. 

Repeat One Pattern

When you look closely at the set of 16 mini-patterns of the Saybrook Vibrant collection, you realize how unique and beautiful each tile is. Maybe one pattern stands out to yo,u and you would love to repeat it over a stove or on the floor- we love this idea. Below is an example of using one of the designs to accentuate your space.  

kitchen backsplash unique mosaic tiles stone tile designs patterns natural marble limestone

Photo Courtesy of StoneImpressions

Enlarge the Sets 

If you love each of the patterns in the Saybrook set but wish they were a little bit bigger, that's no problem. As you can see in the backsplash below, the designer ordered each pattern as 6x6 tiles to make the designs more striking. We have also seen designers order the Deco Dots as large as an 18x18.

tile flooring unique mosaic tiles design ideas kitchen backsplash natural stone tile patterns
Photo Courtesy of Big Sky Design

Use as Subtle Accents 

If you want to bring color and a little bit of change to your home without undergoing a full-on home renovation, try using the Deco Dots as mosaics in a space. Strategically scattering them around a floor or backsplash will create a simple yet elegant focal point.    

accent tiles unique mosaic tiles designs and pattern natural stone
Photo Courtesy of StoneImpressions

These ideas are only starting points to help you plan your next design. When you start brainstorming about what you can create with the Saybrook Deco Dot collection, you almost can't stop! 

The Bristol Deco Dots Collection 

If you love the Saybrook Deco Dots but also love the look of white marble, we have recently added the Bristol Deco Dots collection on Carrara to our line.  The designs are similar and the same "rules" apply for the Bristol collection.

natural stone unique mosaic tiles kitchen backsplash tile flooring wall tile
Photo Courtesy of StoneImpressions

Again, you have the option to enlarge any of the patterns you see in this collection. Below you will see some of the designs from the Bristol Collection as 6x6 tiles. 

Photo courtesy of Wayne Tile

Whether you choose the Saybrook Vibrant or Bristol Deco Dots collection, you will be creating a timeless design in your home.  

Brainstorming time!   

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