Thursday, December 18, 2014

Winter In Stock Sale!

While looking through our StoneImpressions website, you may have stumbled upon our "In Stock Specials" page. What you may not know, however, is that the items listed on this page are currently on sale during our Winter sale! Offering deep discounts, these items ship from our San Diego warehouse immediately and features some of our best selling products!

To see what's still available, be sure to visit our In Stock Page and visit your local dealer before the sale ends! Items are first come first serve through the end of January!

Just a few products available in our Winter sale:
Custom Altalena Pattern
90 pieces of 6x6 Light Travertine

                                                   Cortina Vine Pattern                           Cortina Leaf Pattern
                                     8 pieces of 6x6 Tumbled Durango     8 pieces of 6x6 Tumbled Durango
                                     3 pieces of 4x4 Tumbled Durango     3 pieces of 4x4 Tumbled Durango
Charleston Bankes Listello
21 pieces of 4x8 Carrara
Zellii Mural
12"h x 24"w on 12"x12" Limestone

C'est la Vie Mural
24"h x 30"w on 6"x6" Carrara

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