Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Beautiful Custom Tile Design

Love, love, LOVE this customization of the
tiles in our Altalena Collection.

Altalena Tile in Siena color on left.  Altalena custom tile on the right.

The color in the regular Altalena is a prominent aspect of the design.  It fills up most of the center portion of the deco.  In this custom tile project, the client asked to remove the color in the central part of the tile and add small touches of deep color in the outlines and at the edges.

Artesana Tile in Tuscan, Arizona came up with this custom designed tile for their client and we heard that the homeowner was thrilled with the results. We think these custom tiles look absolutely beautiful.

Just another example of how StoneImpressions can easily customize tile to match your design vision.  Contact your local tile shop for details.

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