Thursday, February 6, 2014

{Thursday Thoughts} We have TONS of tile designs ... yet there is always more.

In the world of tile, you often run into a reselect because there has been a discontinued line or tile. This can cause great frustration for a last minute design change. From inception, we have only discontinued a couple of items--that is truly phenomenal!  Over the years we have created many custom designs by personalizing and color matching our StoneImpressions art work, all the while building and expanding our library.
Example of stock image from
Drew, our in house customizer extraordinaire, will work his magic and re-create any image on stone. His meticulous eye will ensure it is just perfect for your space.  

Go Fish I
Clients also use images from online image sources;,, or are just a few sites that have photographs and artwork that work beautifully.

We will never claim to have it all, but we will always work with you to make it all happen!


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