Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Layout does matter

With some tile designs, how you lay them out during installation really does make a difference.  Some examples:

 A single tile of our Minore Charcoal Green design.  These tiles are usually laid out in multiples of fours to make up a pattern.  But how you arrange those four tiles can give you different looks.

This layout focuses on the circular pattern that you see in the Minore design.

By laying the tiles in a slightly different order, you emphasize the interlocking 
geometric pattern in the Minore design.

A single tile of the Linda Vista Pattern shown in 12x12 limestone.

You wouldn't think there are options with this swirly, floral pattern.  But there is more than one 
way to lay this out.  The drawing above shows it with all of the tiles facing in the same direction.

In this layout, every other tile has been turned 90 degrees so that the circular flow 
of the design is slightly changed.  It is a very subtle difference.

Here is a simple example of how layout can change the look.  This is the 
Marseille Pattern tiles as they are typically laid out.

By turning the tiles on the diagonal, you see a different pattern emerge.

The most important tip about laying out pattern tiles is to decide on how you want them arranged, BEFORE your tile installer gets started.  Lay them out together on the floor or on a table to take a look at how the pattern comes together.  And make sure your installer knows which way you want them to go.

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