Thursday, April 7, 2011

FAQ - Can I get samples of StoneImpressions tiles?

So you have been browsing our website, checking out our tile collections and so far you like what you see.  But you are a little unsure if you want to trust the website pictures. 

What if is like that time you tried online dating?  And the photos in the profile of MrSoRight84 looked like this:

But when he showed up at your door, it was more like this: 

We don't blame you for being a little wary of website photos. 

If you find a tile design that you like and you would like to see more, the first step is to locate one of the authorized dealers near you.  Go to the Showrooms page of our website and choose your state to get started.  

All of the stores listed on our website will have StoneImpressions tile displays in their showrooms.  These displays show a variety of styles and designs, with a selection of different sizes and all of our available stone types.  It is possible that the tile you want is shown in one of the display boards at the store near you.  So go on in and take a look and you could be pleasantly surprised.

Since our entire collection is quite extensive, you might not see the tile you are looking for in the store display.  The good news is that sample tiles are inexpensive and easy to order from your local StoneImpressions dealer. You can choose any of our designs, any tile size and any stone type and we make your sample just the way you want it.  We produce samples tiles right away and in most cases, you can have your sample piece in your hands in about a week.  Your local dealer can let you know how much it all costs.

Is it worth it?  It definitely is.  All of our sample tiles are the full-sized, real and true StoneImpressions tile and are made exactly the same way our regular tiles are made.  You are not getting a tiny swatch or measly chip that shows you a minuscule quarter inch of color and nothing more.  You get the full size tile with all of the color and the complete design. 

Take it home with you and hold it up next to your cabinets or compare it to your countertop.  Contemplate its colors in the morning light and see how it looks in the evening shadows.  Take it for long walks on the beach, make dinner for it, or share a nice bottle of wine by the roaring fire - whatever you have to do to make the decision that this tile is The One.

No matter where you are installing the tiles, it is an investment that you will be enjoying  for years to come.  Get yourself a sample before making the decision and maybe...

<-------------- you'll end up with this,

and not this.  --------------------------->

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