Thursday, February 10, 2011

Beautiful decorative listellos (and reduced prices)

Lucca Listellos
paired with tumbled Durango tile.

A great way to add a subtle, decorative touch to any tile backsplash, floor, kitchen or bath, is to use tiles from our Listello Collection.  Since they have been so popular, this year we decided to reduce the prices of our listellos.   We (a.k.a. Lazy Blog Writer) thought we would recycle a blog post from last year that talks about listellos.  Enjoy!. 

What in the world is a Listello?

If you go to the Products button on our website, you'll see Listellos as one of our categories.  Listellos are border or trim pieces.  All of the StoneImpresssions listellos have printed designs on them.  Usually the size of the tile determines whether a stone tile is a listello or an accent tile.  Listellos are usually rectangular shaped, while our accent tiles are square.

StoneImpressions listellos come in a variety of sizes: 
  • 2"x 4"
  • 2"x 6"
  • 3"x 6"
  • 4"x 8"
  • 6"x 12"

Just like all of our products, you can get any of our listello designs in any size.  Notice that the 4x8 and 3x6 sizes keep the same proportions.  For the 2x6 size, the proportions are different - the design looks a little shorter and wider.

What happens if you like one of our listellos that we show in a 3x6 size, but you need a 2x6?  That is no problem.  We can send you an email with a picture of the listello as a 2x6, so you can see its proportions before you make your decision.   

Listellos add color and interest to a room without overwhelming the whole space with a single design.  You can run a listello across the backsplash in your kitchen and surround it with plain stone or mosaics.  Listellos can be used as unique stair risers, living room flooring borders, and wall caps for powder rooms or the entryway.  See some great examples below:

Belisima Listello on 3x6 travertine in a kitchen backsplash.

Amaretti Earth Listello on 3x6 travertine surrounded by a field of 1x2 mosaics.

This stunning kitchen uses two listellos from our Colony Collection.

Crossbar Circle Listellos and Crossbar Circle Accents create an
interesting pattern when used among kitchen floor tiles.

Belisima Listellos used in the kitchen backsplash 
and also integrated into the design of the hood.

Browse through the Listello page of our website to see the variety of listello designs that we offer.  You are bound to find one that you love!

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