Thursday, August 12, 2010

Accent Tiles from Corner Pieces

While we are coming up with new designs, we create a good amount of prototype tiles.  You'll see tiles of all shapes and colors spread out over every available horizontal surface in our art department.  It is quite fun, actually.  Just like when Mom takes a batch of cookies out of the oven, we are all drawn to the trays of new tiles as they come in from the production area.  We "ooooh" and "ahhhh" over the ones that catch our eyes first and everyone has a favorite.  For our Designers, there's a special satisfaction in seeing a design that was born on the computer screen transformed into a real, solid stone tile that has character and depth.  

Okay, it's a pie, not cookies, but isn't it a great image?

We purposely let the prototype tiles hang around for a while.  We might eliminate one or two designs or colors right away, but we let the rest sit and "marinate."  After living with them for a while, we can start to see the designs with more clarity and sometimes have different opinions than our first impressions.  We get ideas about how some tiles work together - or don't work together ("What were we thinking?!")  We can see which colors have staying power.  Maybe we liked the pastel-ish green color when we first saw it, but after looking at it day after day, we realize how anemic it seems compared to the deeper, stronger colors. 

Our "marinating" process can result in some serendipitous discoveries.  One example is that we've seen how the corner pieces that we create can be put together to form their own unique patterns. 

Metal Amore Scroll Corner

Eden Spring Corner

Zellii Fusion Corner

Colony Palm Corner

Saldano Corner

Cathedral Corner

We did go ahead and make accent tiles from the various Colony Collection Corners that we were playing with.  But we only have so much room in the catalog and these did not make the cut.  So here they are making their worldwide debut.  Just for you, blog readers:

Introducing the "Lost Colony Accents."

Colony Royal Accent Tile

Colony Queen Accent Tile

Colony King Accent Tile


Chris Clamp said...

Shame they all can't be produced!

StoneImpressions said...

They all can be made - they just don't all make it into the catalog!