Tuesday, July 27, 2010

When good stone goes bad...

The short story...

Botticino has gone bad.
Botticino is out.

Tumbled Bianco is in.

Our new tumbled Bianco is a beautiful alternative. It has the same bright, smooth look of the Botticino with softly tumbled edges.

The long story...

For several months our Botticino supply has been coming in looking - shall we say - a little ragged.  As if it had spent a few too many late nights with unsavory characters and perhaps hitting the hard stuff  in a way that would make Keith Richards look like a choir boy.  The Botticino tile would show up at our door with ugly gray coloring, lots of chipped corners and huge dark veining.  While we are strong advocates for the inherent charms found in the variations and imperfections of any natural stone, this was a little too much for us.

We have searched high and low for a decent supply of Botticino, but have been unsuccessful. We would  receive an acceptable shipment one week and then a total nightmare the next. Quality is important to us and with all of this inconsistency, we are no longer comfortable offering it as one of our main stone types.

One of our new Wrought Iron patterns - Serenata - shown on Bianco

Fortunately, we have found an alternative that will be consistently beautiful. tumbled Bianco is actually a type of limestone, but it has the clear, creamy coloring that is similar to Botticino. Everything we print on it looks absolutely gorgeous. The edges are softly tumbled so it will still have that classic natural stone look. Our supplier is local and we have found them to be quite reliable.

Zellii Fusion Pattern on Bianco Stone

Marseille Listello - Caviar on 3x6 Bianco Stone

Take a look at the Materials page of our website for details and pictures of all of our stone types and liners.  And let's hope the Bianco can manage to stay out of trouble!

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