Thursday, January 21, 2010

A beautiful Arizona kitchen

Christine at Villagio Tile & Stone in Scottsdale, Arizona liked our Marseille design so much that she decided to put it in her own kitchen.  We take it as a great compliment.  In her own words:
The reason why I chose the Marseille design was because how intricate the design is but yet it is very delicate at the same time.  I know I wanted to do a take off on Country French and that is the reason why I chose the rhomboids for the backsplash beside the Marseille design.

Her kitchen is a perfect example of how choosing the right size for your decorative tile can make all the difference.  The Marseille Pattern in the square shape fits beautifully over the stovetop.  Any larger and it would look crammed into the space.  The blue-green color palette and intricate detail in the design provide an eye-catching focal point without overwhelming the other elements in the kitchen.

The small rhomboid mosaic in the rest of the backsplash is limestone and she added small rhomboids with ten different etched designs.  These little accents are installed randomly throughout the rest of the backsplash and help to tie it all together.

Christine chose the Marseille Pattern in Green Blue.  The center design is printed on 6x6 Limestone and the border around is 3x6 and 3x3 Limestone.  She took advantage of the fact that we can size any of our designs to fit any space. You can have the center pattern on 3x3, 4x4, 8x8 or even 12x12 and larger.  The border listellos can come on 2x6, 4x8 and 6x12 tiles.

The Marseille Pattern has also be extremely popular in the Red color.  You can see the whole Marseille Tile Collection here.

We love it when we get to see our designs installed in a happy homeowner's kitchen.  Send us your pictures and show off your kitchen!  We are always interested to see what kind of design ideas people come up with when using our tiles.

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