Thursday, November 19, 2009

Pattern tiles for a kitchen backsplash

We just received a picture of this beautiful kitchen from Great Britain Tile.  They used the Minore Antiqued tiles in the Charcoal/Green color as the focal point for the backsplash. The tiles are printed on our 6x6 Light Travertine stone.

The Minore Antiqued is a very subtle fusion of color and patterns.  It is not a design which jumps out at you. Instead, it hints at something old and timeless.  It lingers and slowly unfolds its many turns and mysteries; like an ancient Grecian city or a pathway through the old town of Tangiers.

It is difficult to see the details in this picture, so here is a close up of the pattern:

Minore pattern in charcoal green color on 6x6 light travertine tiles
Minore Antiqued Charcoal/Green on 6x6 Light Travertine

The Minore design is also available in these two colors:

Minore pattern in blue green color on 6x6 light travertine tiles
Minore Antiqued Blue/Green on 6x6 Light Travertine

Minore pattern in salmon green color on 6x6 light travertine tiles
Minore Antiqued Salmon/Green on 6x6 Light Travertine

As with all of our designs, the Minore Antiqued can be made into any size and printed on any stone.  In the kitchen pictured above, it is done on 6x6 Light Travertine tiles, but we can imagine it enlarged and printed on 12x12 tiles for a much bigger impact.  The 12x12 tiles would fill up the 24 inch high by 48 inch wide space in that kitchen and you would have two choices for how to lay it out.   You can emphasize the circular part of the pattern like this:

Or make the more square and linear shapes the focal point, like this:

What do you think?  Would you pick circles or squares?


Unknown said...

I would choose the circles.

StoneImpressions said...

Thanks for the input! I think most of us here favor the circles too.
- Kathy

Jenn said...

Hi there! My client had seen this picture before and wants this exact backsplash. (Can you blame her, it's beautiful!) I can see that the Minore tile was used behind the range, but I was wondering if you know what was used in the field of the rest of the backsplash? My client believes it is a 12x12 that has a "scored" appearance that makes it look like 4, 4x4 tiles. Do you know what tile this is? Thank you!

StoneImpressions said...

Hi Jenn,
Your client has great taste! They actually achieved that look by using 8x8 tiles and some dark colored liners.

We found out exactly what it all is:


RW400100-CG - Minore Antiqued Mural (Charcoal/Green), on 6x6 Light Travertine

FRM0072D - Empire Liner - Durango (2"x 12")

Tumbled Durango Field Tile 8x8

The liner isn't something that we make. It is called Arizona Hot Dots - LB12 Pewter Metal Liner.

Hope this helps!