Friday, February 19, 2010

What in the world is a Listello?

What is a Listello?
First, we should probably start off by explaining what exactly a "Listello" is.  Simply put, listellos are border or trim pieces. If you go to the Current Murals and Accents link on our website, you'll see Listellos as one of the categories.  All borders offer a unique design on them.  
Sizing and Stone Type
We offer our listellos on the following sizes:

Stone types:
Starting from top left: Tumbled Botticino, Carrara, Light Travertine, Limestone, Homed Durango, Tumbled Perle Blanc, Thassos, Tumbled Durango
Just like all of our products, you can get any of our listello designs in any size.  The 4x8 and 3x6 sizes keep the same proportions.  For the 2x6 size, the proportions are different - the design looks a little shorter and wider. We can always send you an email with a picture of the listello in both scales.  

Some of our Fave's 
While we love all of our listellos, here are a few that stand out to us
Baku Listello and Corner
Caprice Listello and Corner
Charleston Banks Listello and Corner
Crossings Listello and Corner
Paige Listello and Corner
Listellos are a great way to add color and interest to a room without overwhelming the whole space with a single design.  Your can run a listello across the backsplash in your kitchen and surround it with plain stone or mosaics.  Listellos can be used as unique stair risers, living room flooring borders, and wall caps for powder rooms or the entryway.  See some great examples below:
The Charleston Banks Listello on Carrara serves as a border between these two tiles 

The Baku Listello is featured as a tile rug in this powder room by International Materials of Design
The Ballad Listello is used as a border in this Tile Rug
Custom Listellos
As you know, our customizing capabilities are virtually endless, which means we can absolutely design a custom border for you!   

One of our clients wanted a matching border to go with our Crystal Pattern, so we worked with her to create a listello that incorporated the same design elements.  
Another way we can customize a listello for you is by taking a design element out of one of our patterns and scaling it to the size you want.  Below is an example of how we took our normally square Wallflowers pattern and transformed it into a 2x6

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