Monday, August 10, 2009

Welcome to our blog!

Here at StoneImpressions, we are truly excited to have this new way to communicate with all of you. Every day we get to speak with great people on the phone, but it is usually focused on doing business - Can I place an order? (Yes.) Where's my order? (Shipped yesterday.) Can we change this design? (Absolutely!)
This blog will allow us to let you in on our thoughts and ideas and also give you a place to talk to us. Some of the things you might find on our blog are -
New product ideas:
We are always coming up with new designs and new ideas to add to our line. After we have looked at some designs for too long, we start to get cranky and could really use a fresh perspective. We'll post new design prototypes and let you tell us what you think.
Musings on tile and design:
Find out what inspires us and what we love. Hear about how we imagine that our tiles fit into different design schemes. We'll talk about fabulous designs that our customers have come up with to tackle a difficult space or bring more color and life into their room design.
Installation tips and ideas:
The basics like grouting, cutting, sealing and more information about stone than you could ever want.
Anything else that excites us:
This topic could be anything, so watch out!
At the moment, we are most excited by the opportunity to hear what you think on any of these topics. We will welcome comments on all of our posts and we are looking forward to a lively discussion. Thanks for reading! ~ The Team at StoneImpressions

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