Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Even more New Tile Designs!

Quick preview of what we are working on.  

If it weren't for the potential kidnapping charges, we'd lock the doors and not let the design team leave until they finish all of these beautiful new collections.  They are doing an excellent job!  We are very, very close to finalizing.

Friday, February 19, 2010

What in the world is a Listello?

If you go to the Products button on our website, you'll see Listellos as one of our categories.  Listellos are border or trim pieces.  All of the StoneImpresssions listellos have printed designs on them.  Usually the size of the tile determines whether a stone tile is a listello or an accent tile.  Listellos are usually rectangular shaped, while our accent tiles are square.

StoneImpressions listellos come in a variety of sizes: 
  • 2"x 4"
  • 2"x 6"
  • 3"x 6"
  • 4"x 8"
  • 6"x 12"

Just like all of our products, you can get any of our listello designs in any size.  Notice that the 4x8 and 3x6 sizes keep the same proportions.  For the 2x6 size, the proportions are different - the design looks a little shorter and wider.

What happens if you like one of our listellos that we show in a 3x6 size, but you need a 2x6?  That is no problem.  We can send you an email with a picture of the listello as a 2x6, so you can see its proportions before you make your decision.   

Listellos are a great way to add color and interest to a room without overwhelming the whole space with a single design.  Your can run a listello across the backsplash in your kitchen and surround it with plain stone or mosaics.  Listellos can be used as unique stair risers, living room flooring borders, and wall caps for powder rooms or the entryway.  See some great examples below:

Belisima Listello on 3x6 travertine in a kitchen backsplash

Amaretti Earth Listello on 3x6 travertine surrounded by a field of 1x2 mosaics.

This stunning kitchen uses two listellos from our Colony Collection.

 Brillo Listello used as a unique, decorative stair riser.

You can go to the Listello page of our website to see the variety of listello designs that we offer.  You are bound to find one that you love!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

FAQ - Customizing your tiles - changing color

Q. I like one of your designs, but can you change the color?

A. Yes!  Some examples below:

Our Amara Accent - original color is shown at the top left.

Amaretti Pattern - Our Earth color is shown on the left and a custom mustard color on the right.


Our Regatta Listello - original color in the back and custom blue color shown in front.


We can easily make color changes on our murals too.  Shown above is the Country Garden mural with two different color changes.  Click on the picture for a closer look. 

Please send your questions to and we'll be happy to try to answer them.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Exciting new collections in development

Here is a quick look at new designs we've been working on.





Our designers have been working hard and we are really looking forward to finishing them up and launching these new tile collections.  Stay tuned....

And let us know what you think by leaving a comment!